Cincinnati Bathtub & Tile Reglazing, LLC
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Our Process...
Before, 1950's grey & pink bathroom...
After, beautiful!
In your home, I will reglaze your bathtub, wall tile or sink. 

​The process includes:

surfaces not being reglazed are masked off for protection;  
- a thorough cleaning of the old porcelain surface;
- old caulking removed;
- repair of any existing damage;
- application of an etch material to roughen the surface;
- spray application of a two-part glass-bonding epoxy primer;
- spray application of three coats of glass filled polyurethane;
- caulk reapplied
- your home is left clean

Your fixture is like new & can be used after just 24 hours.

Cincinnati Bathtub & Tile Reglazing unconditionally guarantees work against flaking, peeling, sagging & crazing for 5 years.  Sorry, but caulk can not be warranted.

With proper care (the same as recommended by new bathtub manufactures), the new surface will last many years.  

Please email me with questions, to get a quote or to schedule your job.